Raspi Robot Project

Objective is to bring together the Pi and Lego to make a Robot Rover.

Lego motors have proprietary connectors so have decided to get some spare cables which can be cut.  However, need to learn some basic robotics first.

Therefore I have ordered a simple rover kit from Dawn Robotics http://www.dawnrobotics.co.uk/raspberry-pi-camera-robot-chassis-bundle/  which I have assembled without too much trouble but now to address the programming.

I have my FUZE (Powered by Raspberry Pi) set to do programming and I have added a pan-tilt test rig made out of Meccano  to explore how to program it.  See progress with programs page.



FUZE with Meccano Pan-Tilt test rig added
FUZE with Meccano Pan-Tilt test rig added
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