Arduino sketches for controlling robot rover.

1. Test program for Dagu Arduino Mini Driver board and two motors, drives robot in a square. Derived from Dawn robotics original.

The program starts with the setup section.The Left Motor direction is controlled by pin 7 of the Dagu board and its speed by pin 9.  The Right Motor direction is on pin 8 the speed by pin 10. So first those pin numbers are defined and then they are set for output.  In the drive forward section the direction pins are set LOW and the speed is set to max i.e. value of 255. To drive the motors in the opposite direction then the direction pins would be set to HIGH. The turn is achieved by reversing the direction of the Right motor while keeping the left motor driving forward.

2. Test program for Sweep and Tilt

Test program for the Pan and tilt unit. Sets the unit to sweep back and forth through 180 degrees with an up and down tilt scan at the limit of each sweep.

3. Combination Drive and Sweep, tilt

Test program with Sweep Tilt functions incorporated into it giving effect of an up down left right scan at each ‘corner’.

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