Covid-19 Shielding Diary

A blow by blow account, Month 11 continues from month10

31018/1Morning exercise – vacuuming! Then a click and collect outing to Gravesend to pick up some wool and then Screwfix to get some clamps for the final build of the display project. Tried to combine the two digit programme with the clock and 8 digit without success.
30917/1Second use of the bread maker, trying the French programme which should give a lighter fluffier bread. It did a tasty loaf, flour used was 50/50 plain/wholemeal. Our Sunday walk was a bit further, walked to the station, then caught the A bus to Galleon Boulevard, got a takeaway Costa cortado and walked back home via Asda to pick up a newspaper. On the display project, completed the last wiring, adding 470K resistor to the data lines and routing them to the new Arduino Uno+. Finally got a test programme to run a dot round all 8 digits by addressing each pair of digits sequentially.

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