Covid-19 Shielding Diary

A blow by blow account, Month 8 continues from month 7

22424/10Did some grocery shopping in the morning and replaced a bulb in the downstairs toilet. Then into the rugby fest, Ireland v Italy – comfortable win for the Irish, then the big one Exeter v Wasps in the Premiership playoff final. As expected Exeter took charge with an early try but as the rain hammered down Wasps got stuck in and achieved parity but with the game being played mostly in the Wasps half exeter edged ahead to win 19-13. In the evening Wales v France friendly saw a more creative France win by a comfortable margin.
22323/10Re-organised the conservatory. Removed the oil filled radiator and set up our new Dimplex Studio G fan heater, its a tower, it turns and most importantly when it gets to temperature the fan turns off so it doesn’t create a draft (unlike our old one). Worked on venues and tiered membership for PE.
22222/10Finally able to do some work on the Organiser manual then after lunch to the club with M to finish the faces on the final panel then again in he evening to finish up the lettering.

22121/10The ceramic bulb holder in the bedroom ceiling light had broken and I had sourced some which turned out to be the right size bot the retaining screws were a different length so had to drill out the hole to countersink. In the end had to take the light down so turned into a 2 hour marathon! Managed to do the minutes from Monday’s meeting.
22020/10Off to Medway for a car service, a puncture was repaired and a new tyre needed otherwise in good knick. A new innovation was the service video thanks for a view of the under car! Collected the Home Nations trophy from the engravers after a grocery shop in Sainsbury.
21919/10Finally got out the agenda for this evenings Events Group meeting by VC, Did a few actions arising from the Board meeting. The evening meeting was well attended with quite good progress.
21818/10A bit of exercise walking to Asda to get a paper and a couple of G9 bulbs. Did a cleaning day while M visited her mum. Enjoyed the new TV drama Roadkill.
21717/10A long morning on a video conference the Petanque England Board meeting. A terrific rugby battle, Exeter v Racing with our english team just edging it by 4 points, although 3 of those were a penalty kick as the clock expired.

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