Covid-19 Shielding Diary

A blow by blow account, Month 9 continues from month 8

26029/11Morning excursion to do a big shop in the JL Food hall. Forgot to get the main ingredient for tonight’s dinner so I had a pie and M a repeat of her beef cobbler. Evening of TV,, His Dark Materials still engaging but just beginning to feel a bit drawn out. Fired off a proposal for rebalancing the PE budget to the group so that Tuesday’s meeting can be focussed on what is important.
25928/11Worked up a proposal for a Development loan scheme to help clubs develop their infrastructure. Then in the afternoon to the TV for Wales v England at Parc y Scarlets viewed on Amazon Prime video, picture is not the best and sometimes get the spinning wheel of data catchup! Not a great match the England game plan seemed to be to grind the Welsh down with a sterile kicking game. W 13-24 E.
25827/11Early morning trip to KIMS for M’s Physio appt. at 8.30. Knee is working well but has some reaction to the steri strips which were removed. Grocery shopping on way home at the Maidstone out of town M&S.Updated web page with revised calendars and set up email address for youth section use. Evening rugby was a tedious match Newcastle-Sale.
25726/11In the morning a vc on the tiered membership and the concomitant value proposition. Afternoon programming the Arduino to work with the digit. Success when I got the resistor in the data line sized correctly at 10K ohm. Simple programme had a dot going round and back. Still working on whole segments.
25625/11Completed the wiring of the prototype large digit for display project.
In the afternoon a long VC going through Petanque england budgets, progress very slow.
25524/11Went to JL Foodhall for a relatively large shop. Very quiet in there but got most of what we wanted. Towels washed and dried. Successfully did a label print run for the Christmas card and did some work on the PE budget spreadsheets.
25423/11Morning of a big vacuumimg. After lunch made a beef casserole from first principles with some beef cubes out of the freezer topped with Rosemary dumplings. M is progressing very well and has cut her pain meds down to one occassionally instead of two every few hours. Mo longer needs the walking frame just some slight steadying support from a crutch or furniture.
25322/11Looking after the convalescent one, a short trip to the JL food hall for a paper, bread and groceries. Started to look at the budget detail for PE. M well enough to eat a Mousaka for dinner.
25221/11Attended the Petanque England Board meeting by video conference while waiting for the call from M that she is ready to be discharged. In the end meeting concluded in time for me to get to KIMS by 2pm. She is able to walk slowly with a frame, but still feeling a bit post operatively icky so straight to bed. Impromptu dinner – fried egg on bubble and squeak with baked beans,
25120/11Early start, 5.10 am to get M to KIMS by 7.30 for her knee replacement op. Got back at 8.30 in time to hear David Spiegelhalter on R4. The message from M at 11.00 she was back in her room with her knee done already! Has had less sedation and opiods than last time so hopeful of a more rapid recovery. Start of the Premier rugby season Quins 3 Exeter 33.
25019/11Tried to help M’s art group but their VC failed due to no connectivity for the speaker! Cracked the countdown timer. I was mixing numeric variable types so simple integer had to be changed to unsigned long to allow comparison tests to work. Our trip today was to Strood to deliver JP’s birthday present and then to the post office.
24918/11Essential shopping today, groceries from Sainsbury and collect masking tape at Argos. A bit of sun so did some tidying in the garden. Afternoon taken up with Arduino programming. Have a countdown timer in seconds that displays in mins and secs on a 4 digit 7 segment display. Issue is that the control loop is failing so when count reaches 0:0 it doesn’t stop but goes negative!
24817/11An early start, up and out by 7.00 to get M to KIMS for her pre-op test. A bit confusing until er realised it was a drive through service! Home for a late breakfast and then to Gravesend for a dentist checkup on my implant surgery – all healing OK. Need to be careful for three months. Got the Arduino simple clock working.

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