Covid-19 Shielding Diary

A blow by blow account, Month 7 continues from month 6

19021/9M off to the hairdresser so I researched a solution for the results input check. The time honoured solution is to enter twice in separate sessions and then compare the data. Found a solution using the sheet functions IF and EXACT. Tested on some old results and worked nicely. Tidied up the previous day’s results and published on the PE website.
18920/9Up early for my day working with Adrian to run the National Doubles event at GRFC. Weather was beautiful warm and sunny but not too hot, ideal for petanque. Not for the first time we struggled to chase down errors in the results input. Must find a better way. The last final wrapped up at 9.00pm which was quite good.
18819/9Checked out the garden after our few days away, all had survived! After shopping and lunch went to the GRFC club to see how the Singles Championship was progressing. Everything going well, took possession of the lights fob.

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