Covid 19 Shielding Diary, Year 2

A blow by blow account, Month 14 continues from month13

39817/4For the first time this year the conservatory was warm enough for breakfast without having the heating on. Lovelly scrambled egg and croissant. Made an excursion to M&S to get lunch for tomorrow and then to Homebase to get soil, compost, manure and a bundle of canes. Spent the afternoon putting up the bean cage in what I hope is a fox deterrent manner and planted out 8 bean seedlings into bed 1. Watched second half of Exeter v Wasps which began with Wasps 13-10 up and finish 43 – 17 down! On petanque, validated the Men and Women singles entries and sent them off to Steve.
39716/4First job was to uncover the strawberry seedlings of their frost blanket. Then off to JL Foodhall for the big shop in for the first time this year a properly open store. On return rinsed off the car which was covered by fine grey dust. Applied the first coat of varnish to the big display project and ordered a more powerful RF receiver and fob. Worked on the write up of the two digit display for sending to the by completing the pictures and commenting in the code.

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